I am finishing up my Specialised Nature and Wilderness Guide and Outdoor Recreation studies.

I am also willing to empower other people, who are suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and facial pains, and to help them to find possibilities to enjoy nature despite the condition.


First Aid Course EA 2® – Finnish Red Cross
Hunting Card – Finnish Wildlife Agency
KTO1 – Finnish Climbing Association (FCA)
Trailrunning Guide – Suomen Latu
The Hygiene Passport – Evira

Races or Events

Malmö Midnattsloppet 10km 2015
SEB Tallinn Half Marathon 21,1km 2016
Bodom Trail 21km 2017
Kytäjä Trail 22km 2017 (3rd/F)
NUTS Ylläs Pallas 55km 2017 (got injured but finished)
Off-track skiing WC 2018
Sandis Trail 9km 2018
Tromsø Skyrace – Tromsdalstind 32km 2018
Nuuksio Classic 42km 2018 (DNF)

ISPO Munich Night Run 5km 2019

+ other tiny races here and there

All these just to reaching my personal goals.

Partioaitta 365 Magazine 1/2019